In any online casino or brick-and-mortar one, slot machines have always been the most mainstream and popular game. For their simplicity and amusement appeal, as well as the chance for a big prize, we appreciate them. However, for a select few fortunate players, these winnings can be enormous, even life-altering. Isn’t it amazing what a simple spin of the wheel can do?

When it comes to slot machines, we all want to win big. When it comes to those who have achieved their goal of becoming multi-millionaires, the dream has come true.

The odds of someone winning hundreds of thousands of dollars on a slot machine are slim to none. People can walk away with millions of dollars. Often in the tens of millions of dollars. Listed here are some of the biggest slot machine jackpots ever won.

$17.3 Million

The $17.3 million slot machine jackpot won by a Las Vegas resident is the first on our lineup of the largest winnings ever.

After using several bonus credits to give the Megabucks machine a spin at the M Resort in Henderson, she came out on top. All of this serves as further evidence that any free credits you may have lying around should be utilized!

$18.2 Million

The Mega Moolah progressive casino online slot machine from Microgaming is a huge hit, and the prize often reaches millions of dollars. It was just this time that the jackpot grew and grew and grew again. Jon Heywood, a British soldier, bet just a fraction to win the enormous sum.

Jon utilized some of his winnings to pay for his father’s medical treatment, which was a mind-blowing experience in more ways than one.

$21 Million

Some people believe that lightning never strikes again. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. Elmer Sherwin, a World War II veteran, won $4.6 million gambling Megabucks at the age of 80.

Amazingly, he returned to the same casino 12 years later and played Megabucks once more, winning a whopping $21,147,947 in the process.

We should all be grateful that Elmer was not only resilient in the face of this tragedy but also generous in the sense that he donated an enormous portion of his winnings to others who had been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

$24 Million

An unknown Swedish poker player won $24 million playing Mega Fortune, possibly the most suitable slot game name in the history of the industry. Not bad for a 40-year-old player since some of our biggest winners played as little as 25 cents at an online casino before walking away with millions of dollars.

$27.6 Million

This lucky retiree, who visited the Palace Station Casino in 1998, is the next one on our list. This happened in 1998 and the slot player was a former flight attendant. That’s all we know.

Her initial budget of $100 was quickly exceeded three times over, but the money she spent was well worth it. She also played the Megabucks slot machine and was lucky enough just to win a gigantic prize of $27,6 million, just like many others on this rundown of the greatest slot machine jackpot winnings!

$34.9 Million

She was 37 years old in 2000 when she won a jackpot valued at just around $35 million. Cynthia Jay Brennan. This win was also won on the well-known Megabucks slot machine. On the other hand, this time Brennan went to the Desert Inn, which used to be located in Wynn Las Vegas and is now located at the Encore.

Sadly, a few weeks later, she was critically injured in a vehicle accident. The Free Wheelchair Mission and anti-drink-driving campaigns are two of her favorite causes.

$39.7 Million

A lucky player from Los Angeles struck it rich at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas, where the record-breaking slot jackpot was won. With just $100 in their wallets, they opted to play the Megabucks slot machine in 2003, hoping for a large win.

The jackpot was a whopping $39.7 million, making it the highest jackpot in the history of the game. Prior to winning the greatest ever slots jackpot, the winner estimated that he had wagered $100. That’s why he agreed to 25 annual installments, which means he has a few more years to go on the reward.