The Covid-19 pandemic has halted the operation of many key industries including sports. However, since the easing of many economies this year, the growth of sports betting is set to hit its astronomical state due to the anticipation of this year’s World Cup and other major sporting events.

Here are some of the reasons why the sports betting industry could restore its former glory this year.

Legalization of sports betting in many US states

In 2018, the federal ban on any form of sports betting in the United States was lifted by the Supreme Court. This will allow many governments of the states to set their own policies regarding the gambling activity. 

Although the possibility of several sportsbooks like Solarbet could now operate legally in the country, there is no law that was passed yet that fully legalized sports betting in all of the states. 

Since the lifting of the ban several states have fully legalized sports betting on their territory. Florida legalized sports betting in 2021 with the state dealing with the Seminole Tribe for its request to legalize the activity. Meanwhile, several states such as Maryland, Ohio, Nebraska and Wisconsin are on the verge of legalizing the activity.

World Cup 2022

Now that the legalization of sports betting is growing in the United States and in many countries, the upcoming major event that many people are excited to bet upon is no other than this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

The event is set to be launched in November this year and the excitement of the fans to watch their favorite international teams is through the roof. In fact, many supporters have reserved their funds to buy tickets for the event and plans to book accommodations in the host country.

However, not only the attendees are excited about the upcoming major event. In fact, many sports bettors have placed their future bets as early as now to predict the winners of the World Cup. Meanwhile, sportsbooks are continuing to offer profitable betting odds for the qualifying matches for the Qatar Games.

It is considered by many sports fans that the arrival of the World Cup this year is very opportune and highly symbolic as it will serve as the real comeback of sports and as a celebration of sporting spirit after two years of being forced to watch games at home due to the pandemic.

Other major sporting events

Aside from the World Cup the year is filled with many major sports tournaments that are ready to bring back not only the sports audience but also the sports punters as well.

The Super Bowl LVI this year is also a highly anticipated event as it is the pinnacle of American sports. In February 13, the event is said to be a comeback of football legend Tom Brady of Tampa Bay Buccaneers after he announced that he will retire from playing last year.

Other important events this year are the Six Nations Rugby, Commonwealth Games, Women’s Euro 2022, and Beijing Winter Olympics.

The future of sports betting

The pandemic may have been a catastrophe in the world of sports but it also created many opportunities to improve the gaming experience of sports. Several technologies that were introduced these past few years have improved sports betting.

Among these are cryptocurrencies which are very widespread now in many sportsbooks and online casinos. Recently, International Game Technology launched an integrated gambling machine where bettors can play slots, bet on lottery and watch live sports at the same time. It serves as an all-in-one betting machine.


The year 2022 truly holds a promise in the world of sports and casino online betting. Now that the list of 32 qualified teams for the World Cup are nearly complete, the hype for the event helped to boost the number of fans of the tournament.