Football betting is tricky and adventurous. You can’t depict the future. If you’re lucky you’ll be flooded with money or vice versa. However, it is not always about luck in football betting. There are predictions, algorithms, and several other aspects that are taken into consideration before shortlisting a team for placing wagers. The betting site has to be honest with the data and analysis so that bettors aren’t cheated.

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Football Betting Statistics

When betting on a football team, a bettor has to analyse the team, weather, rotation changes, and different other aspects. Almost all wagers placed on this analysis rest depend on the line movement. However, all matches cannot be the same, so the past performance cannot depict the future performance. Therefore, a complete assessment is needed to know the team’s quality.

Benefits of using statistics

  • If we know the strength and weaknesses of a team, it helps in assessing the overall quality of the team. We can start assessing their performance in the overall season during specific situations.
  • Comparing the quality of the teams is also advantageous because that will help in picking the winner.
  • The above two analysis helps in making more informative predictions. It helps in determining the values in the odds and lines because now you’re about to make an accurate assessment.

Disadvantage of using statistics

  • You can’t predict a player’s future just by looking into one or two past stats. It definitely tells you about the player’s pattern, but to know more, you’ll have to research more.
  • Many people rely on previous stats to bet on a team or player. However, there are other factors like injuries, rotation changes, weather changes, that can also change the odds and line movement.

It doesn’t matter who wins the game. What matters is beating the spread and getting greater value for your bet.